Custom development of embedded software
Embedded systems, mobile applications, back-end

Our mission

Make your object and its ecosystem communicating (software + hardware)

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We find the technological solutions for your project, we can prototyping your connected object on your specific or existent board(ARM, STM32, PIC...).

So you get very quickly a first version of your product, with all its sensors. We also help you choose the right interfaces for your device (USB, Bluetooth, WIFI, SigFox ...)
Thanks to the IOT Factory, we assist you until the industrialisation of your product.

Maintenance et support

Nous vous proposons de reprendre la maintenance de votre logiciel existant.

Nous corrigeons les bugs persistants et vous aidons a mettre à niveau votre logiciel vers les dernières technologies.

Notre volonté est de vous faire gagner en agilité et adaptabilité.

System design

We propose you to take you current software maintenance in charge.

We fix your persistent software bugs and we help you to update it to latest technologies.

Our will is to give you a benefit in agility and adaptability.


We think that expertise is nothing if it's not shared.

We will be delighted to train you in our expertise domain :

  • Java,
  • Mobile apps Android,
  • Embedded software,
  • Development of Eclipse plugins,
  • Model Driven Development,
  • Agiles methods (SCRUM)...


We can work with you directly with your team to assist them in the best way.

If your development is managed by an independent contractor, we propose you to analyse his work by supervisory missions or code audit.

We can also do a spot intervention and temporary help you to fix a difficult technical situation.

Our team

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Our projects

During our Picodev adventure, we worked for many different clients, and we did our best to realise their projects.

Look at our projects :

Our partners

Picodev works with trusted partners to assist you in your project.

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