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Stéphane Masson, software engineer for software fitting in the pocket

I have been working for 15 years in embedded systems, communicating objects and now mobile applications. Passionate about technology and entrepreneurship, I started my career in the microelectronics field (at STMicroelectronics) where I worked on the new communication protocols by participating in the creation of the first Wifi cards, and in the first IPv6 deployments on home gateway / set top box. Then I participated in the standardization of protocols such as MIPI UniPro (today in the Google Ara phones). I took the mobile turn by joining Inside Secure where I helped major mobile phone manufacturers to integrate the NFC component into their device.

Today, through Picodev, I advise on the architecture of objects, including their communication system with the outside world and the impact on the software and hardware architecture of these choices. I intervene from the object's firmware, to the API servers via the mobile application.

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Engineer in Embbedded Electronics

Ingénieur Electronicien(ne) Embarqué

Directement rattaché au directeur technique de l’entreprise, vous prendrez en charge la conception et l’industrialisation des produits électroniques pour le compte des clients de l’entreprise.
A ce titre vous prenez en charge la gestion de plusieurs projets enélectronique embarquée ainsi que la relation client. Vous pourrez être amené à participer aux développements logiciels avec les équipes interne de PICODEV.
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