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Picodev takes care of your state of health !

For the improvement of the Biody Xpert, a professional impedance meter medical device, the company Aminogram called upon Picodev.

The Biody Xpert, a device to monitor quickly his health thanks to a system of multifrequency measurements, used in dietary monitoring and fitness coaching came in the hands of Picodev in 2018. The objective of this new FW version of the Biody Xpert was to improve the communication between it and the dedicated applications allowing the dara collection. Actually the measurements are harvested by smartphone, MAC or PC applications. The medical device uses the PIC18 coupled to a PAN1026A chip for Bluetooth communication. The team had to adapt itself to this material, and then prepare the evolution of the product.

To improve the functioning of a medical device, Picodev has created and integrated a new BLE communication protocol in the Biody Xpert FW, the aminogram company's device.

In order to meet this demand, Picodev has created a BLE data exchange protocol with a specific profile. To comply with requirements of medical devices, the security of exchanges has been studied and incorporated into the new version of the FW. This improvement makes reliable and secure exchanges thanks to an encryption protocol specific to Biody. Then the overall structure of the old FW has undergone a redesign to be improved and to facilitate future developments. During the development, the team also realized a test application under Ionic to check the new features of the Biody Xpert.

Technologies used: PIC18, PAN1026A, BLE, C, ionic (mobile app)

Learn more : www.aminogram.com